Mind your steps, tormented soul, you are entering The Temple of Vicious Poison, the Occult Goddess.

I am Vicious Poison, the Occult Goddess, a real time and online Domme with the love for power, whips, boots and shiny metal objects.

I am here to posses and poison your body, mind and soul.

My specialty is mind control, hypnosis and financial domination.
I am delighted to do all sorts of impact play, humiliation, foot worship and many other kinks.

I am an artist in everything I do and I believe control is a great and respectful art.
I have a passion for all things dark and disturbing, always looking to push the limits.

How can you serve me?

-Online – through mesmerizing phone chat/cam sessions, exciting shopping off my wishlist, promoting Her Viciousness and getting clips I create with love to remind you who you belong to, while I’m not around.

-Real Time- by being a good boy in one of the London’s best Dungeons or by being my personal slave to bring a pleasure and happiness to my life.

I am expecting genuine and loyal submissives as well as long term devoted slaves.

If you wish to session with me, send me a courteous message with a little about yourself, your likes and dislikes and the ways you would like to serve me. What makes you worthy my attention? I will not accept any form of disrespect, impeccable manners are a must, your brattiness doesn’t amuse me. I have no patience for those who waste my time.

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In the meantime, you can easily find me on Fetlife and follow me on Twitter.

If you want to know me better, read about me here, or follow my Journal

I may be evil at times, but only for your own good.

your Goddess,

Vicious Poison