Code of Conduct

Contacting Goddess for the first time can be intimidating. Nevertheless, nothing should make you forget your manners. For a polite and humble submissive it shouldn’t be a problem to follow certain basic rules, however most of you need a little bit more direction.

– Be polite and respectful at all times.

– Address me as Goddess, Lady, Your Highness or Madam.

– Respect my BOUNDARIES without discussion.

– Respect my time by doing your research first.

– Communicate clearly and to the point.

– Be clean and at your best behavior.

– Present the tribute in an envelope upon your arrival (unless stated otherwise).

– Be punctual.

– Under no circumstance try to bargain with me.

– Do not call me from withheld number, I will not pick up.

– Accept your submission and be proud of it.

– Respect my timing and do not bother me with unexpected calls or endless messages. One informative text is fine. If you do bother me, I will block you, so there is no point really, is there?

– One line emails are considered rude and therefore will be ignored

– Our phone discussion is strictly informative, don’t expect me to provide you with phone domination. Unless of course, we are in a phone domination situation.




Before you send me an inquiry, why don’t you have a look here and see if your question haven’t been answered already. If you don’t bother to read what I’m writing for you, I will assume you do not respect my time. That doesn’t particularly increase your chances of seeing me.

If you think your question haven’t been answered, or you have a new question to suggest, contact me on

1. I am just a poor student and don’t have much money, can Mistress session with me?

I do not care about your background or circumstances. If you are here to play, you will have to accept to pay the tribute and it’s the same for everyone. I can discuss the specific circumstances for paypigs or long term loyal slaves, but that is only after a trial period which includes paid sessions and other tasks to prove his worth. I do not run a fetish charity here.

2. Is Mistress looking for a submissive boyfriend?

No. Just no. I can never be romantically involved with my slaves.

3. Can Mistress cam verify?

I am cam verified on Financial Domination websites. You can also easily find my videos and other media online. I am the One and Only Vicious Poison Goddess out there. I will not get on cam specifically for you without a tribute.

4. Does Mistress do RT sessions?

I do both online and Real Time sessions.

5. Does Mistress have her own Dungeon?

I do NOT have my own Dungeon, we discuss the location during our first contact. That might include an extra charge and a deposit to pay.

6. Is Mistress in BDSM for the money purpose only?

I am unable to do things that I am not passionate about. Regardless the money. I do love the money as well, for the money is Power. And I live for Power. Read my blog to learn more about me and my personal BDSM philosophy.

7. Where is Mistress based?

At the moment I live in North London.

8. Can I follow Mistress you on social media?

You are very welcome to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. You can also ad me on Fetlife but I prefer if we met in the real life.

9. How can I contact Mistress?

See the CONTACT page on the Menu Bar? You will find all the instructions there.

10. Can I buy Mistress a gift?

Yes, gifts are permitted. It’s in good manners really, not to come with empty hands. You can take a look at my wishlist and a PLEASE ME page for more suggestions.

11. How much is the Tribute?

I do not mention money without first seeing who you are. If you really desire to see and serve me, money will not stop you.

Lady Vicious Poison