If you think you are ready to take the next step, make sure you read my page carefully. I hate repeating myself, but this time I will make it easier for you: be polite and read the CODE OF CONDUCT.

Read the CODE OF CONDUCT. Is that understood? I know some of you bastards just ask for trouble and trust me, it’s not gonna be the trouble you would expect.

I do prefer do be contacted by e-mail.

I am very busy and it allows me to read it carefully in the appropriate time. After contacting me, please be patient. There is a lot of things I am involved in, which sometimes require priority of my attention. If I don’t get back to you after one week, you are allowed to send me a follow up message.

If I see you haven’t read my page, you disrespect me or being plainly stupid, I might not reply at all. Why would I grant you a moment of my life if you don’t have the basic manners? If you are being particularly annoying, high-maintenance, impatient or pretending to be willing to serve, while all you want is to get your kink out of it, you will drop to the bottom of my list. You better get it right the first time.

If you are a polite, well-mannered and well-tempered gentlemen and have done your homework, there shouldn’t be a reason to worry. I will listen to you with all my kindness. After all, we are here to have a very, very fun time with a mutual benefit.

I prefer to be addressed as Goddess, Lady, Your Highness or Mistress. Don’t forget to leave your name and age.


Take your time and make sure you involve in your e-mail the following:

-Are you interested in a Session, Slave Training or Financial Domination?

-Are you interested in Online or Real Time Contact?

-What is your previous BDSM good/bad experience?

-What are the things you absolutely crave for?

-What are the things you absolutely don’t want to happen?

-What is your attitude towards marking?

-Are there any health issues I should be aware of?

-Do you serve anyone at the moment?

-Do you know of any potential triggers?

-How would you describe your ideal session?

-How much pain do you enjoy?

Yes, I know it’s a lot. It will however, help me create a perfect scene for us to play. I am looking forward to taking control over you.

After that, I will send you my phone number and times when I’m available to speak. You will also be informed about the Tribute.

We will have a quick discussion and we will agree on time and place.

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