Financial Domination is an art on it’s own and I must say, it brings me a lot of pleasure.

It must not be mistaken for a session tribute, slave tribute or spontaneous gift of your sweet little soul. I will understand if that is not your desire. There is plenty of paypigs willing to take your place.

Here I do not only own your body and mind, but most importantly your wallet, which becomes mine. You cannot resist an urge of giving up your hardly earned cash for my pleasures only. You will go and work your ass off, knowing that the only purpose of your work is to bring me it’s fruits. You will suffer, break down and cry, beg for mercy and yet we both know that you will only get harder with every pound give me.

Remember, I don’t need your money. My needs are being met before I even think of them. Do you really think I would put up with an insignificant being like you just to get a bit of cash? After all, what is that you have to offer? I just love seeing you suffer and stretch every pound to be able to give me more and more every time. It’s so amusing.

I do think your money is better off in my hands anyway.

If you’re hungry for pleasures of Financial Domination, contact me, and better have something to show for your devotion.


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