Vicious Goddess

I am sure you would love to get to know me better. I will always remain a mystery for you, regardless your painful attempts.

I can show you some mercy and tell you a little bit about myself to appear closer to human. I will always remain unattainable and elusive for you.

I am an ultimate artist. Whatever I do, I make it an art form. Control is the greatest of arts. I do enjoy the close presence of arts, therefore I might be spending my time in museums and galleries. I am obsessed by aesthetics and have an unquenched thirst for perfection in everything that surrounds me. I despise mediocrity.

I set very high standards for myself and those, who are close to me. I am always pushing the limits, not afraid to aim for the unknown.

I have been known for a great anger. Anger has been my strength, power, my protection. In times, I acquire a form of a Warrior Goddess, ready to protect the weak and fight for the Truth.

I pursue projects with most of visual arts. I am skillful and knowledgeable in many subjects. I have an interest in psychology, philosophy, occultism and literature. I speak fluently three languages. I love all the things dark. Disturbing cinema, dark ambient, forest at night, abandoned places, romantic poetry.

I love surrounding myself with beauty in all it’s forms. From making coffee, through getting dressed, creating, everything is a ritual.

I appreciate flowers. I love perfume. I am obsessed with cinnamon and amaretto.

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