Please Me

If you are here, you have a desire to please your Goddess, regardless the circumstances.

You are here to make your life more fulfilled by serving me, making my life easier, happier and more pleasurable. And you know that very well, my little one – that if I’m happy, you’re happy.

There is many ways to please your Goddess.

1. Tribute The Temple

To permit The Temple running smoothly, I accept tributes, that will go essentially towards enhancing our deep experiences. That might for example include purchasing new toys – I have a love for whips, floggers and all the shiny metal things of various use…

I will be considering a cage fund for my most precious pets.

2. My Wishlist

Here, you will find some exciting suggestions on your gifts for me. I love to surround myself with sophisticated and sensual beauty. I love perfume – Hypnotic Poison is my favorite – what a coincidence. If you find a way to learn what I like, you can be sure I will notice your efforts.

3. Adopting my fees/ education

Knowledge is power. You don’t have to worry your little head about it. But a Goddess should never stain herself with worries about mundane human world. To show your devotion you will want to make sure that I never have to.

There is an option to sponsor my continuous education which particularly pleases me, as it’s something that can never be taken away from me. I will consider it a very special gift.

4. Charities

Supporting a charity or an organisation in my name is an honorable way to please me. Make sure you consult with me beforehand.

5. Spreading the Word

At the very least you can put a smile on my face by being a devoted Apostle, spreading The Word of me across the social media, online, offline, whenever you can. Sharing my art, my blogs, my news. My existence is not a secret or a crime and I will be pleased to see my empire grow. Find yourself helpful.

6. Slave Positions

There are various positions for you to occupy as a slave. My Empire requires many hands to expand and I will be pleased to find another Soul joining The Temple. There is cleaning, driving, paperwork, footwear maintenance, cooking and all sorts of chores you will be delighted to run for me. If you won’t, I will make sure you change your mind. Read more about joining the happy stable.